Tech4Nature is a unique partnership between IUCN Green List, Huawei Switzerland, the Swiss National Park (SNP) and the Porini Foundation and aims to provide knowledge, technology, and resources for protected areas, with the aim of making nature conservation globally more effective and impactful.

The Swiss National Park, is the first site in Switzerland’s to achieve IUCN Green List status and has been selected as Flagship Alpine Site in the Tech4Nature global programme with two technology work streams identified for the Alpine region.

Leveraging technology to gain insights on conservation and impact

 The first work stream will consider how to automate analysis of the park’s 1.5 million camera trap pictures with the use of artificial intelligence – analysis that is currently conducted manually. This will enable faster, better and deeper analysis of these pictures to improve wildlife monitoring and transmission of scientific data for management.

Building a digital marketplace for CO2 certificates for the park’s climate positive contribution

 The second work stream will explore digital tools for measuring, verifying, and valuing climate change mitigation contributions of the protected area. The aim is to provide certificates for each ton of CO2 compensated through the park’s efforts, backed by the IUCN Green List accreditation. The solution will be developed and tested firstly in the Swiss National Park, with the long-term goal of rolling it out globally.

In collaboration with the Swiss National Park, Huawei Tech4Nature Programme and IUCN Green List, the Porini Foundation will develop a artificial intelligence solution and a digital validation for marketplace transactions of certificates.

The Swiss National Park, as a flagship site, plays an important role in the programme and the experience and knowledge gained in this work streams will be shared and replicated in other areas engaged in the global Tech4Nature programme.

“The Tech4Nature partnership project demonstrates the real partnership potential of the IUCN Green List, and the Switzerland flagship project is an inspiring example of this"

Trevor Sandwith, Director Global Protected and Conserved Areas Programme

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