Zero-Carbon Chain

Porini Foundation has set up a sustainable and higly efficient blockchain as early as august 2018. We’ve often heard that blockchain technology has a great potential but is also consuming vast amounts of energy, making it unsuitable for projects in conservation, but this is not a problem for all blockchain-setups. Porini Foundation therefore developed a fully compliant and bankable zero-carbon blockchain and invited nature conservation organizations to run a local node and take ownership of the zero-carbon blockchain, solving energy and regulatory challenges.

Each node uses the energy of a light bulb

Each organization running a node is part of the blockchain. Instead of using vast amounts of energy to mine a block, the blocks in the sustainability-chain are validated in a highly energy efficient algorithm reducing the energy consumption to almost zero. For this reason our blockchain only uses the energy equivalent of 10 light bulbs.

Porini Foundation is buying CO2 Certificates to compensate the remaining energy, making this blockchain a net-zero-carbon blockchain offering all advantages of a Ethereum sidechain, making it the ideal technology for nature conservation projects.

Currently the operational nodes are all running in highly energy efficient Equinix datacenters operated with renewable energy.

Each node is running on less than 50 Watt equaling less than 500kWh per year.

If we assume an average of 15 grams CO2 per kWh for a mix of wind, solar and hydro renewable energy and include a 10x buffer, we need to compensate a maximum of one ton of CO2 per year to run the chain globally.

Switzerland has a very clear and blockchain friendly regulatory framework

Switzerland with its financial market place early realized the potential of blockchain and instead of fighting change, embraced the benefits of this new technology. The Swiss government identified all risks and challenges and created a extremely robust regulatory framework for blockchain technology, transforming the country into a global hotspot for blockchain technology and attracting major blockchain organizations to setup their headquarters in Switzerland.

"Making emerging technologies nature and climate friendly, like the zero-carbon blockchain, is Porini Foundation key strategy towards a sustainable future"

Roman Eyholzer, CEO Porini Foundation