IUCN Green List

The IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas is a programme of certification for protected and conserved areas that are effectively managed and fairly governed. Sites admitted to the IUCN Green List have distinguished themselves through exemplary management, fair governance and a long-term commitment to successful conservation.

At its heart is the Green List Sustainability Standard that provides a global benchmark  for how to meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century. By committing to the Standard, site managers seek to demonstrate and maintain performance and deliver real nature conservation output.

The IUCN Green List offers locally relevant expert guidance to help achieve fair and effective nature conservation results in protected and conserved areas. It can help guarantee that wildlife and ecosystems can survive, thrive and bring value to communities around the world.


The IUCN Green List business plan also includes a ‘Fair Finance’ initiative to bring new and additional resources to participating protected and conserved areas. An initial strategy map has identified a range of costs that need to be met, but also services that the IUCN Green List Community can potentially market to secure revenues and investment. The Porini Foundation and the IUCN Green List programme are developping an ambitious collaboration to link the IUCN Green List Standard to new technologies for transparency, accountability and investment.

Porini Foundation is also Green list Implementation Partner offering supporting to Green List Candidates in Switzerland.

"Protected and conserved areas reaching the standard like the Swiss National Park are Conservation Champions, leading the way towards measurable impact and nature conservation output"

James Hardcastle, Global Protected Areas Programme


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Swiss National Park

The oldest and largest Park in Switzerland