Nature Collectibles

Seeking Solutions!

Protected areas are vital to species survival and a key point in the fight for biodiversity and against climate change. But conservation actors working in this field are still struggling to get funds and many good working people and successful projects are run unseen and lack funding.

Together with our Partners, IUCN Green List and HBAR Foundation, we have launched the world’s first collection in Kigali, representing 8 endangered species living in protected and conserved areas on 6 continents and now added the Madagascar collection and the Peru collection, each adding 8 special species living in hidden places. All species are found on the IUCN red list of threatened species and are managed through the selected conservation actors.

With #NatureCollectibles you can choose what species, protected and conserved area or conservation actor you want to support and you will learn about these species, earn badges and once the collection is full, you can resell your cards and split your proceeds with the conservation actor.

Do you want to be part of this movement and have a direct impact on species management and nature conservation from the tip of your fingers by just using your smartphone?

Then download the Nature Collectibles App here and start to collect and protect! Or do you want to find out more, then go to the Nature Collectibles website.

New collections will come out on a quarterly basis, and give you access to new cards and rewards.

What are Nature Collectibles, are they NFT’s?

#NatureCollectibles or NFT for Conservation (NFTC) are unique digital representations of a species connected to a nature conservation project. They are written to a zero-carbon blockchain where they cannot be copied or multiplied, making them a unique and rare collectible item, like a piece of art.

The goal of #NatureCollectibles is to generate recurring funding for special places recognized by IUCN’s Green List programme as working to the highest standards of biodiversity protection. The funds go directly to the dedicated protected area without a third-party intermediary and are used in direct actions to protect species and conserve nature.

#NatureCollectibles provides the owner with the possibility to collect, present and trade his collectibles with others in a playful manner.

“We have been talking about how important it is to innovate during this crisis and we are happy to be early adopters of this innovative technology, we named it – Next-Gen Conservation”
Dr. Nirmal Jivan Shah
CEO Nature Seychelles