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Schweizerischer Nationalpark

Der älteste und grösste Park der Schweiz

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Wilderness powers value-based communities

Together with WWF Romania, we linked social challenges (jobs and income) with nature challenges (acceptance of rewilding of bisons) through a innovative finance strategy based on blockchain technology.

Signing ceremony with Swiss National Park

The Swiss National Park was selected as the first Flagship Site of the Tech4Nature program.

To celebrate and officially mark the launch of this unique partnership in Switzerland, the four partners manifested their commitment to the Tech4Nature vision, in a ceremony at Schloss Planta-Wildenberg in Zernez.

New Technology presented at the EFG in Guiyang

We were invited as key speaker to present new technologies for nature conservation at the ECO FORUM GLOBAL in Guiyang

Credit Suisse Conference in NYC

We were Speaker on the Credit Suisse Fintech for Nature Conference in NYC to explore the potential of Blockchain for new and sustainable finance mechanism.

Blockchain to Stabilize Zimbabwe’s Financial System

We were invited together with ORAP, M-Tron and Diamond Leadership to present the potential of Blockchain to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe with ORAP

Zimbabwe is a wonderful country with wonderful people but has been struck by hyperinflation and natural disasters in the past few years. PORINI works together with M-Tron and ORAP, two local organizations based in  major towns in Zimbabwe, to introduce blockchain technology into a M-Tron TechnoPark Cluster, to produce energy, clean water and job opportunities for SME in rural areas.


Together with IUCN PAPACO, the Université SENGHOR and the Swiss EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), Porini developed a Massive Open Online Cours (MOOC) for Africa in the field of new technologies for conservation. The MOOC TECH shows management options based of the newly available connectivity inside – and with other – Parks. MOOC for Africa has more than 10’000 participants.

SDC Blockchain Conference

Swiss Development and Cooperation

Porini Foundation was invited to present our blockchain use cases for the benefit of people and nature and respecting the UN SDG. The Conference was held for the SDC head office in Bern with 74 internal participants.

Porini Night at IIFF

We offered the screening of  “Thank you for the Rain” at the International Innovation Film Festival (IIFF) in Bern, featuring a panel discussion with the filmmaker in Kenya, Kisilu, a smallholder farmer  fighting climate change in his neighborhood.

Webinar on Global Justice

PORINI was key speaker at the Webinar on Global Justice held at the University of Fribourg. The webinar discussed decentralized blockchain power and in which way this technology can be used to create a more equitable world.